Jerguson® Weld Pad™ Liquid Level Gages

P Weld pad W20a


•Applied directly to tank
•User must determine if acceptable for ASME Sec. VIII
•Recessed Gasket Seat in Chamber and Cover
•Tempered Borosilicate Glass conforming to BS3463, JIS B8211, & DIN 7081
•Wetted Parts conform to NACE MR0175 & MR0103
•All parts listed in ASTM & ASME B31.3












Generally used for non-critical applications. When using standard weld pad gages, the tank must be relieved of pressure and drained to service the gage. Seal pots are a typical application.  This type of gage is not used on process equipment (ex. Distillation tower in a refinery) because you cannot perform maintenance or replace a gage without shutting down the entire process.  Isolable weld pad gages are available with needle-type isolation valves integral to the chamber.



Brochure: Weld Pad Liquid Level Gage Brochure

Low Pressure Weld Pad Gages

Drawings:   Series 20 Weld Pad


Series 300L Weld Pad

Series 20 Isolable Weld Pad

Series 300L Isolable Weld Pad

IOM: Weld Pad Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instruction Manual