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Jerguson® Series 51™ Liquid Level Gages

High Pressure Glass Gage for up to 10,000 PSI @ 100⁰F


  • Tempered Borosilicate Glass conforming to BS3463, JIS B8211, & DIN 7081

  • Available Transparent Only

  • Ported Gage with O-Ring Seals

  • All Gages feature a continuous, one-piece chamber regardless of length

The Jerguson Series 51 Liquid Level Gage is a specially designed instrument capable of withstanding high pressures.  The one-piece chamber is machined out of solid bar stock carbon steel or stainless steel as specified.  It is drilled lengthwise and crosswise at each port leaving tie-bars in between to resist deflection under pressure.  Viton® “O” rings that seal each port are unaffected by most liquids that cause deterioration in rubber.  The “O” rings are seated in recessed circular channels to assure proper seating action.

series 51 table.JPG


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