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Non-Frost Extensions for Low Temp Applications

Updated: Aug 17

DID YOU KNOW? For low temperature applications where frost has a tendency to build up on the gage or if cryogenic insulation is required, the Jerguson Non-Frost Extension keeps frost from covering the window and maintains clear visibility at all times.

• Required for cryogenic installations, should extend 1/2" (12.7mm) beyond insulation

• Install on Reflex or Transparent types

• For use on standard or large chamber gages

The Jerguson Non-Frost Extension consists of a plastic extension which makes direct contact with the gage glass and extends beyond the cover so that the frost build-up does not obscure reading of the liquid level. Mounting of the plastic extension is simple and can be accomplished without dismantling the gage. The Non-Frost Extension can be installed or removed (for cleaning), either before or after the gage has been put into service.

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