Jerguson® JMSVT Vibrating Tuning Fork Liquid Level Switch

Jerguson® products are also available under the Magne-Sonics® brand as required based on approved vendor specifications.

tunning fork


• Heartbeat Led
• Failsafe High
• Magnetic Test Point
• Hygienic Fittings
• Resistant to Bubbles & Vibration
• Reverse polarity protected
• Small Fork for Minimal Vessel Intrusion


The JMSVT series is designed using the principles of a tuning fork.  Piezo-electric crystals are used to force the forks to oscillate at their fundamental frequency (natural resonance).  If the JMSVT is installed as a high alarm, the forks are free to oscillate in air, as your liquid level rises and covers the forks they are dampened – it is this change in the frequency that indicates the JMSVT to switch.  With different electronic outputs to choose from, this allows you to switch a load on / off or interface directly with your PLC.  A compact switch with a rugged stainless steel body for use in a wide range of liquids, JMSVT is the stock answer to your level switch needs.