Jerguson® Horizontal External Cage Float Operated Switch

Jerguson® products are also available under the Magne-Sonics® brand as required based on approved vendor specifications.



• Tri-Magnet Switching
• Vibration Resistant
• Sealed Cage
• ANSI B31.1 Design
• ANSI B31.3 Design


 A unique counter-balance design allows for a much heavier float than those used in a traditional external caged level switch in order to withstand extreme pressure and temperature.  As the float rises and falls with liquid level, it moves a pivot arm which is attached to the end of the float rod.  On the end of the float rod is a sheathed permanent magnet, just like all other external caged switch products.  A switch mechanism is mounted inside the enclosure adjacent to the pressure tube, and is activated by the rising or falling magnet.  The vertical movement of the float magnet in the pressure tube simultaneously actuates the secondary and switch magnets within the switch mechanism, to operate the contacts.  Switching is achieved with the unique tri-magnet system providing positive snap-action anti-vibration switching.