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Jerguson® Magnicator® Transmitters & Switches


JMT™ Series Magnetostrictive Transmitter

The JMT™ Series Magnetostrictive Transmitter is a cosmic leap forward in features and versatility. Utilizing Jerguson’s patent pending signal capture technology, the JMT features unsurpassed signal to noise ratio. 


MTII 4300™

The MTII4300 precisely senses the position of the Magnicator float by applying a short 1.5μs pulse to the sensing element. 



The RST2 sensor is a chain of magnetic reed switches and resistors mounted within a heavy wall stainless steel tubing assembly. As the float within the Magnicator responds to liquid level change in the chamber, the float actuates adjacent reed switches.

sas - 2022 -2.png


The switch mechanism is based on a unique Jerguson tri-magnet design where the snap action is accomplished by the utilization of magnetic repulsion.  The magnet mounted in the float causes the secondary magnet to rotate as it passes up and down. 

RS2 - 2022-2.png


This simple reed switch device can be used to directly control low-amp equipment, or as an input to user supplied controllers or DCS systems. 

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