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Check out the Jerguson® 360 Series Metal Seated Safety Ballcheck Valve

Innovative Core Design Locating an Internal Ballcheck within a Metal Seated Valve. All 360 Valves now include a color indicator ring as standard. The high visibility of this indicator ring will confirm your valve status from a glance!

360 valve with color ring.jpg

Green = Normal Operation

Yellow = Bypass/Commissioning 

Red = Isolation of Gage from Vessel

The Jerguson 360 Series valve is equipped with many features that elevate its performance above traditional style safety ballcheck valves. Designed to alleviate a widespread problem, the 360 Series’ bypass mode seeks to remove guess work or operator error during commissioning. The quarter turn position — visible handle provides clear operation status and a locking pin to secure its position.
Patent # US9,377,113 B2

As opposed to traditional ballcheck valves, it is impossible to get a false level reading with a 360 Series valve during commissioning.  When using a traditional ballcheck valve and commissioning a gage assembly when there is already liquid present in the vessel, it is common for the operator to open the valve too quickly, causing the ballcheck to engage and the level gage to display a false level reading!  That problem is eliminated with the 360 Series valve. The video below demonstrates the simplified commissioning procedure of the 360 Series valve.

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360 valve infographic.jpg
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