Hermetically-Sealed Flag Indicator

hermetglassfadeThe Jerguson Hermetically-Sealed Flag Indicator is purged with inert gas and permanently sealed for use in severe applications.  This indicator utilizes a permanent epoxy end seal for outstanding long life dependability, unlike valved or silicon seals used by other manufacturers.  It also features a 316SS housing for excellent corrosion resistance.  By employing the dependable Jerguson flag design the hermetically sealed flag indicator offers outstanding visibility and the best reliability on the market.  For offshore, cryogenic, or caustic applications choose the Jerguson Hermetically-Sealed Flag Indicator for a lifetime of dependable level indication.


Bakken ad tMAG

•Standard SS Indicator Flags

•316SS Indicator Housing

•Polycarbonate tubing with epoxy-sealed end plugs to 500°F (260°C) process temperatures

•Glass tubing with 100% fused glass end seals to 1000°F (537°C) process temperatures

•Purged with inert gas prior to sealing

•No gasket or valve to leak, fog

•High Contrast – Superior Visibility

•Ideal for the following applications: 



         ·Chemical Wash Down

         ·Severe Environments





Brochure: Hermetically Sealed Flag Indicators